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Recorded - "Introduction to Microsoft Windows PowerShell"

Original Event Date: November 1, 2007

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       In this free seminar, led by Convergent Computing President, Rand Morimoto, as well as bestselling author Tyson Kopczynski, Rand and Tyson teamed up and provided an introduction what PowerShell is, where Microsoft is going with it, how it can be used to manage your environment, and how to write automation scripts using PowerShell.
       Tyson and Rand presented and demonstrated core areas of PowerShell such as:
       * Understanding the basics of PowerShell (cmdlets, the pipeline, and more)
       * How to use PowerShell through the command line
       * How to expand on the use of PowerShell in automation scripts
       * Understanding the PowerShell security model (code signing and more)
       * How PowerShell is used in Exchange Server 2007
       * How PowerShell is used in System Center Operations Manager 2007
       * How PowerShell is being used and leveraged in Windows 2008 (beta)
       * Etc, etc, etc.
       Additionally, Rand and Tyson highlighted:
       * How administrators can use PowerShell to simplify day to day tasks
       * Best practices when scripting with PowerShell
       * How PowerShell can be used to improve administrator productivity
       * Sample scripts commonly used by IT Professionals and Network Administrators
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: PowerShell examples, Scripts, Best Practices
Video 2: What is PowerShell, Cmdlets, Profiles, Syntax