? Record - Getting the Most out of your Microsoft Enterprise Licensing: Understanding Rights Management Services, ForeFront Security, Exchange Voicemail, SharePoint

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Recorded - "Getting the Most out of your Microsoft Enterprise Licensing: Understanding Rights Management Services, ForeFront Security, Exchange Voicemail, SharePoint Excel Services, etc"

Original Event Date: March 1, 2008

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       In this seminar, Rand Morimoto, author of dozens of books on Microsoft technologies, will provide an insight on what you get with the ECAL to help you understand the various technologies you have available to you to implement, and for those without the ECAL to understand what you would get if your company bought the ECAL license. (note: you don’t “have” to buy the ECAL suite to get these capabilities, so if you see a technology you see as potentially valuable to your org, you can just buy the solution a la carte…)
       Rand will discuss (and demonstrate) key ECAL components including:
       * Rights Mgmt Server (RMS) which provides a “per file” security on content so that the security applied to a file (read only, no print, no cut/paste, expire the content) follows the file whether it is stored on a fileserver, copied to a SharePoint library, attachment to an email, or saved to a laptop hard drive
       * ForeFront Security is Microsoft’s anti-virus / anti-spam / anti-malware suite that protects desktops, laptops, servers, applications, and gateways
       * Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging is voicemail in Exchange that works with Microsoft and non-Microsoft Voice-over-IP and PBX systems
       * Per-user Journaling is a feature in Exchange 2007 that allows the logging and tracking of email conversations of specific users typically used for the purpose of tracking regulated conversations
       * SharePoint Excel Services and Business Data Card are add-ins to SharePoint that provide business intelligence capabilities for information access, data interpretation and analysis, and information management
       * Forms Server allows structured fill-in forms to be hosted on a Web server so that users accessing the forms do not need special client software to input information, all they need is a Web browser and a connection to the Forms Server
       * Web Conferencing, Meeting Archiving, and Interactive Collaboration within Office Communications Server 2007 for sharing of information both internal and external of an organization
       * Inclusion of the Operations Mgr 2007 client license for proactive client system monitoring
       Rand’s company, Convergent Computing, has helped some of the largest organizations in the world plan and implement the technologies covered in this seminar. This seminar is based on tips, tricks, and best practices at leveraging these technologies in a manner that helps organizations address key compliance security, business process, employee productivity, IT efficiency, and operational initiatives.
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: What is ECAL, Rights Management Services (RMS), ForeFront Security, SharePoint Services
Video 2: Exchange 2007 services, Office Communications Server 2007, Operations Manager 2007