? Recorded - IT Roadmap Strategies 2008 - 2009: What IT Organizations Plan to Do in the Next 12-24 Months

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Recorded - "IT Roadmap Strategies 2008 - 2009: What IT Organizations Plan to Do in the Next 12-24 Months"

Original Event Date: November 19, 2008

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       In this free seminar, led by Rand Morimoto, author of dozens of bestselling books on a variety of technology and industry solution topics, Rand shared what organizations around the world are doing relative to their IT infrastructures.
       Rand covered key topic areas such as:
       * Real world strategies on lowering the cost of IT operations through IT best practices
       * Where Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) fits in vs. Cloud Computing for organizations considering either outsourcing their applications and/or outsourcing datacenters while maintaining their applications, application management, and systems on “company-owned” systems
       * Self-service IT, moving tasks to end users to minimize IT overhead on simple day to day processes
       * Microsoft Services Management strategies, moving away from server management and shifting to services management
       * Business Continuity, taking high availability and disaster recovery to the next level
       * Best practices for integrating Policy and Process with technology, i.e., using policy-based roles to strengthen and simplify enterprise security
       Rand also covered technology-specific strategies such as
       * Strategies around Microsoft’s virtualization technology
       * Microsoft Unified Communications and the reality of combining communication technologies into an integrated centralized platform (email, instant messaging, web conferencing, collaboration, etc)
       * How organizations are selectively choosing to upgrade key servers to Win2008 where it makes sense
       * How and when most organizations plan to roll out Windows Vista (or possibly wait for Windows 7?)
       * Etc, etc, etc.
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: IT Strategies, Virtualization, Win2008, E2007, Identity
Video 2: Unified Communications, Microsoft Online Services, Cloud Computing