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Recorded - "Using System Center to Manage a Virtualized Environment"

Original Event Date: October 28, 2010

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       Server virtualization (VMware and HyperV) have become pretty commonplace in production datacenters as organizations are finding they can easily add virtual servers without having to buy new hardware, can snapshot systems before performing maintenance on virtual guest sessions, and have the ability to replicate VHD and VMDK files for high availability and disaster recovery.
       In this free seminar, Rand Morimoto, President of Convergent Computing, and author of the book “System Center Enterprise Suite Unleashed” presented and demonstrated how the Microsoft System Center suite of products is used from cradle to grave in provisioning, managing, and maintaining virtual (VMware and HyperV) guest sessions. Specifically, Rand will cover how:
       * System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can monitor VMware and HyperV hosts as well as guest sessions to determine performance, balance guest session load across host systems, and manage application performance of guest sessions
       * SCOM can automatically failover (Live Migrate, V/Motion, DRM/SRM) guest sessions in the event of a host or site failure
       * System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can automatically build out new virtual guest sessions (operating system and even apps (like Exchange, SharePoint, IIS, CRM, etc)) based on scripted templates to meet the fluctuating demands of the user environment
       * System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) can provision and deprovision VMware and HyperV guest sessions to VMware and HyperV host servers including balancing the load to host systems with the most capacity
       * System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) can backup application data and be used to automatically restore data on-premise, in the cloud, or in a different datacenter in the event of a primary server failure
       * Opalis (a new addition to the System Center family) and PowerShell are used to automate the provisioning, deprovisioning, high availability failure, and disaster recovery process in a highly automated datacenter environment.
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: Intro, Day in the Life, SCOM, VMM
Video 2: SCCM, SCSM, Opalis, SCE