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Recorded - "Office 365 + Cloud Seminar Seminar"

Original Event Date: September 29, 2011

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       In this free seminar, Rand Morimoto, author of several international bestselling books on Microsoft technologies and Internet security will cover 2 topics, one being Microsoft’s Office 365, and the other being Cloud Security.
       Office 365 is Microsoft’s “pay by the month” hosted Exchange email, SharePoint document sharing, and Lync Web conferencing. This is Microsoft’s significant upgrade that released this summer of their online services based on all of the 2010 backend products (it now works!) Additionally, key to using hosted services is to make sure your information is secure, and your employee’s privacy is protected.
       Rand will present, demonstrate, and share details specifically:
        * Quick high-level of what Office 365 is (what’s included, what’s not included, what works, what doesn’t work)
        * Deep dive on what an organization needs to setup to integrate Single Sign-on (Federated) logon authentication between the on-premise Active Directory and cloud email / docs / content
        * What’s needed to share Free/Busy information between on-premise and cloud users (aka “Rich Coexistence”)
        * The various pricing models, everything from $2/user/month to $27/user/month (what’s included, what’s the differences in pricing, what organizations typically buy and why)
        * How organizations are leveraging a “Hybrid” model where some users remain on-premise while other users are migrated to the Cloud, including a new “rich co-existence” between the two environments
        * What’s the difference between Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s Google Apps
        * What a typical migration process involves in terms of time, effort, any interruption to users, etc
       As organizations migrate applications and users to the Cloud, security and privacy of information becomes extremely important. Rand will share:
        * Assessment of how secure cloud providers are (the good, bad, and (in some cases) the ugly)
        * Checklist of what an organization needs to keep in mind in terms of protecting the integrity of the organization’s information
        * What an organization can do to improve its security and privacy beyond what is provided by cloud providers
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: O365 Intro / Whats in UI / Migration-Configuration
Video 2: O365 PowerShell / O365 Pricing / Cloud-Security