? Recorded - SharePoint 2010 in the Real World: How Organizations are Leveraging SharePoint in their Day to Day Operations

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Recorded - "SharePoint 2010 in the Real World: How Organizations are Leveraging SharePoint in their Day to Day Operations"

Original Event Date: October 27, 2011

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 has become a common mainstay of organizations for everything from their Intranet, to document management system, document approval system, www public Website, enterprise search engine, to the cornerstone of an organization’s social media infrastructure. But how does an organization successfully pick and choose the right pieces of SharePoint to start their deployment, and what’s the best strategy to successfully gain organizational adoption? How do administrators implement SharePoint to prevent out of control SharePoint site sprawl that once released is difficult to rein in and properly manage?
       This free seminar, presented by Rand Morimoto, President of Convergent Computing (CCO) shared samples, examples, and real world scenarios of SharePoint 2010 implementations that have resulted in the best adoption and uses of SharePoint in the enterprise. CCO’s consultants wrote the #1 selling book in the world “SharePoint 2010 Unleashed” that covers SharePoint from soup to nuts.
       Some of the things Rand shared (and demonstrated) in this seminar include
        * Common scenario uses of SharePoint 2010 and how organizations have leveraged SharePoint in their enterprises
        * Best practices at integrating SharePoint 2010 with Exchange 2010 and Lync 2010
        * Where Microsoft Office fits in to a SharePoint 2010 environment
        * What’s in SharePoint 2010 relative to “social networking” solutions and offerings that organizations are adopting and implementing
        * How SharePoint 2010 is used for records management and compliance requirements to meet business needs
        * Tips on getting SharePoint 2010 to fully support Apple Mac, iPad, and iPhone clients (plus Unix and Linux clients) with full access and support
        * What’s in SharePoint 2010 search including the “FAST Search” technology available for SharePoint 2010 environments
        * How Office 2010 (Windows) and Office 2011 (Mac) expand on the collaboration and communication enhancements in SharePoint 2010
        * Recommendations for architecting an optimum SharePoint 2010 environment
Link to PPT of the Session Content
Video 1: SP Versatility, AD/Exch/Lync Integration, RMS, Search, Workflows, Social Networking
Video 2: ID Mgmt, PerfPoint, Project, Governance, Security, Architecting, Optimize SQL, HA/DR