? Recorded - Early Adopter Lessons Learned on Win 8, Windows 2012, Systems Center 2012 and Azure Virtual Machines

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Recorded - "Early Adopter Lessons Learned on Win 8, Windows 2012, Systems Center 2012 and Azure Virtual Machines"

Original Event Date: October 30, 2012

Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area

       With the releases of Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Systems Center 2012 and Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft is offering new and creative solutions that can simplify IT, save organizations money, and help organizations support their business initiatives.
       In this session, bestselling author and world renown public speaker, Rand Morimoto, CEO of Convergent Computing, will cover Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud capabilities by presenting and demonstrating key technologies in these new technologies including Microsoft’s support for end point devices such as iPads, Android, Macs, Linux, Windows Mobile, XP, Win7, integrated technologies that support the management of these devices, and features that support application and datacenter optimization. Rand will share not just the theory of this transformation of IT, but real world experiences, tips, tricks, and lessons learned on how organizations are already successfully focusing on the “app-ification” of applications in the corporate environment.
       Through enterprise-wide single sign-on, the user is securely authenticated to Active Directory, applications are natively run on the user’s endpoint, data is encrypted both in transit as well as when downloaded, and with a click of a button, IT can disable the user’s Active Directory account and immediately eliminate the user’s access to applications and invalidate any data sitting on the user’s device, thumb drive, or home computer. With encrypted content, information can “leak” to a user’s personal SkyDrive, Box.net account, Google docs share and the only users who have access to the content are authorized corporate users.
       These solutions provide full support for cloud storage providers, enables users to do the things they “want” to do in a way that the Organization can still ultimately control information access, data security, and compliance management. The new way of IT focuses on the application and data, leverages technologies organizations already have implemented like Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint, extends existing Microsoft licensing agreements with Rights Management encryption and System Center management, and provides even better endpoint support with Windows 8 tablets, Office 2013 applications, and Azure cloud services.
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