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Our Events

International Conference, Local Venue, Stored Online Content

CCO hosts events in the Northern California area, plus its consultants speak at conferences and conventions around the world. This page notes upcoming events as well as catalogues previous events that have been recorded and available online!

Upcoming Events

The following are events our consultants will be speaking at:

None Listed Right Now (check back for updates)

Historical (Recorded) Events

The following are previously recorded sessions of CCO consultants:

      "TAG Conference - Miami (Microsoft Roadmap) (November 10, 2014)"

     "Microsoft's Mobility Strategy (Enterprise Mobility Suite) (October 22, 2014)"

     "Microsoft Hybrid Cloud (Q&A Webinar) (October 9, 2014)"

     "Microsoft Hybrid Cloud (Azure and System Center) (September 17, 2014)"

     "IT Strategy of the 21st Century (December 12, 2013)"

     "Optimizing the End User Experience in the Changing Landscape of IT (March 5, 2014)"

     "Microsoft Technology Roadmap - Rands Datacenter-Cloud Presentation (October 17, 2013)"

     "PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) (September 25, 2013)"

     "Protecting Identity and Data in the Age of Social Media and the Cloud (August 28, 2013)"

     "CGIAR Microsoft 2013 Strategy and Roadmap (March 8, 2013)"

     "Microsoft Roadmap 2013 - Sacramento & San Francisco (April 24, 2013)"

     "Exchange 2013 Event - Mountain View (April 16, 2013)"

     "Early Adopter Lessons Learned on Win 8, Windows 2012, Systems Center 2012 and Azure Virtual Machines (October 30, 2012)"

     "Windows 8, Windows 2012, Office 2013 - What's New (October 22, 2012)"

     "Windows 2012 Launch Event - IP Address Management (August 25, 2012)"

     "Future of IT and Cloud Computing (March 25, 2012)"

     "Office 365 + Cloud Seminar Seminar (September 29, 2011)"

     "Integrating Apple Macs, iPads, iPhones into a Microsoft Windows / Active Directory / Exchange / SharePoint Environment (May 11, 2011)"

     "Microsoft’s Strategy with the Cloud: Understanding Office 365, Azure, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud relative to your existing Microsoft-based Environment (March 24, 2011)"

     "Using System Center to Manage a Virtualized Environment (October 28, 2010)"

     "Windows 7 Imaging, Deployment, and Management Best Practices (December 2, 2009)"

     "Integrating Macs in a Windows / Active Directory Environment (February 5, 2009)"

     "IT Roadmap Strategies 2008 - 2009: What IT Organizations Plan to Do in the Next 12-24 Months (November 19, 2008)"

     "Getting the Most out of your Microsoft Enterprise Licensing: Understanding Rights Management Services, ForeFront Security, Exchange Voicemail, SharePoint Excel Services, etc (March 1, 2008)"

     "High Availability and Disaster Recovery of a Windows Environment (January 1, 2008)"

     "Introduction to Microsoft Windows PowerShell (November 7, 2007)"