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Convergent Computing (CCO)

It's not just what we do, it's how we do it...

Our People - Meet Our Experts!

What Makes CCO's Experts Special...

Hands-on Expertise

CCO's Consultants aren't just familiar with the theory of how technology solutions works, they roll-up their sleeves every day and work hands-on with the technologies so they know what works, what doesn't work, and they develop and share best practices!

Early Adopter Experience

CCO's Consultants work with technologies both on-premise and from cloud providers months if not years before the public release of the solutions, as such, when the product or service becomes available to the general public, CCO's experts already have months/years of hands-on experience!

Years of Experience with both Breadth and Depth of Knowledge

CCO's Consultants have been working with technology solutions for years, many over 20-30 years, and with a wide range of solutions, so the experts aren't just "specialists" in one area, but have depth of experience across a wide range of solutions, thus making one individual more valuable than bringing in a team of specialists that have to work together to come up with a workable end solution...

Internationally Reknown Public Speakers / Global Bestselling Authors

CCO's Consultants speak at conferences and conventions around the world, and are internationally reknown experts that take their knowledge and have written bestselling books as well as post content on widely accessed blog sites! The consultants not only "know" their stuff, but they know how to "share" and how to "communicate" what they know to others...

A Bit About Our Team...

The World's Top Experts, that Work Together, to Solve Problems or Simply Leverage our Knowledge and Expertise for the Benefit of our Clients!

CCO is led by the company founder, Rand Morimoto, an internationally known and respected technology expert, former White House security advisor, doctoral academic scholar, and entreprenur. However Rand's biggest contribution to CCO is his personal commitment, dedication, and determination to ensure the work of his business is of the utmost value to his clients.

Rand has consolidated the best experts in the world who each can individually be successful entrepreneurs themselves, but through collaboration and knowledge sharing among each other are STRONGER together providing services to the mutual clients of CCO across a broad range of technology strategy and technology implementation solutions.

Rand also belives that being an expert in 1 thing is good, but being an expert in many things is better; as such, CCO's experts differentiate themselves from other consultants by having deep technical knowledge and expertise across a multitude of technology areas so that it doesn't take a room full of "experts" to solve a problem or implement a solution, but instead the power of a knowledgeable few.

Meet the team...

CCO currently has over 65 experts on staff and we're in the process of updating this section of the Web page to add in profiles and details to share more about the people that make up Team CCO!

Alex Sandstrom

Alex Sandstrom, Technology Consultant

Andrew Abbate

Andrew Abbate, Partner / Principal Consultant

Cameron Rocke

Cameron Rocke, Technology Consultant

Charmaine Harmon

Charmaine Harmon, Quality Manager (QM)

Chris Amaris

Chris Amaris, Partner / CTO

Colin Spence

Colin Spence, Partner / Principal Consultant

Conan Flint

Conan Flint, Technology Consultant

David Ross

David Ross, Principal Consultant

Ed Crowley

Ed Crowley, Technology Consultant

Eva SooHoo

Eva SooHoo, CFO / VP of Human Resources

Glenn Walton

Glenn Walton, Principal Consultant

Greg Rhodes

Greg Rhodes, Technology Consultant

Guy Yardeni

Guy Yardeni, Partner / Principal Consultant

Igor Finkel

Igor Finkel, Technology Consultant

Jason Fu

Jason Fu, Sr Acct Mgr / Channel Alliance Mgr

Jeff Geer

Jeff Geer, Principal Consultant

Kelly Dorfman

Kelly Dorfman, Quality Manager (QM)

Kim Amaris

Kim Amaris, Quality Manager (QM)

Marcus Clayton

Marcus Clayton, Technology Consultant

Michael Noel

Michael Noel, Partner / Principal Consultant

Martin Brohm

Martin Brohm, Acctg and Operations

Pete Handley

Pete Handley, Technology Consultant

Rand Morimoto

Rand Morimoto, President / CEO

Rich Dorfman

Rich Dorfman, Partner / VP Client-Prof Services

Steve Hejtmanek

Steve Hejtmanek, Sr Acct Manager

Valerie Hallstrom

Valerie Hallstrom, VP of Finance and Operations