Convergent Computing (CCO)

It's not just what we do, it's how we do it...

Strategy Consulting

Optimizing Technology to Serve the Business

For the past couple decades, technologies have been implemented and upgraded to address system reliability, optimize I.T. efficiencies, and serve the goals of the I.T. department. Today, the Business of the organization needs to drive I.T. systems so that the goals and success of the business itself are served by I.T. systems that help the business fulfill on its overall mission and operational initiatives.
Convergent Computing (CCO) helps organizations align I.T. operations so that I.T. is ultimately providing technology and services that helps the business succeed!

CCO's Strategy Consulting Services

IT Strategy Plan

Business and IT Strategy Review and Roadmap Planning

CCO works with medium and large organization across a wide span of industries, and helps business execs understand how their organization compares to peers in the same or similar industries. The assessments cover budget expenditures, I.T. employment staffing, state and condition of I.T. operations, quantity of full time vs contract employees, common technologies in use, and the like. CCO then provides guidance in the form of a "Roadmap" helping organizations evolve their I.T. operations to be more efficient and effective ongoing.

IT Operations Assessment

CCO helps organizations review their I.T. structure, qualifications of I.T. personnel, I.T. policies, Security policies, and operational systems to assist organizations operate efficiently. CCO's Strategy Consultants helps organization address what is needed and is appropriate for the size / scope of the business in its investments in I.T. operations than focusing solely on a fixed annual budget or annual percentage increase or decrease in budget expenditures

Operations Assessment
People Process Technology

Improve Business Processes through Technology Optimization

CCO helps organization align their business goals and objectives, along with strategic business initiatives in formulating a needs requirement where technology provides assistance to the success of the organization. This process involves CCO Business-oriented consultants and business analysts understanding how Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, and other business departments operate, and then formulates a recommendation on which technologies are appropriate for the organization to fulfill on the core business needs of the organization

Convergent Computing's Strategic Consulting Advantage

Choosing the Strategy Consultants with Realworld Experience

CCO Executive Sponsor Relationships

The success of a strategic relationship is to have an Executive level connection, and as a privately held organization, CCO has no complex internal business bureacracy. As such CCO's execs see eye to eye at the strategic executive level relationship with its clients.
This strategic level relationship helps CCO in providing a top-down approach and a deep business level focus to its role in providing business focused guidance.

Years of Hands-on Technology Experience

CCO's Consultants aren't just theorists when it comes to their knowledge of technologies, but rather CCO's consultants have hands-on experience implementing, integration, and supporting technologies. As such, the consultants understand what works, what doesn't work, and how various technologies can be leveraged to help an organization archive its business goals and initiatives.

Academic Knowledge and Real World Business Experience

CCO's strategy consultants are MBA and Ph.D. educated individuals with years of real world hands-on business experience. The consultants take their knowledge of how things work and combine it with an academic background of business, economic, and operational best practices to formulate their strategies and recommendations. This blend of knowledge and experience provides a practical approach to addressing the needs of an organization.

Early Adopter Technologists

CCO's Consultants get an opportunity to work with technologies years before the technologies are available to the general public. This helps the consultants understand the future not through the "potential" that something might be available in the next few months, but from real world hands-on experience with future technologies. This also helps organizations adopt technologies sooner, rather than being a generation or two behind and always catching up, the ability to potentially leverage the latest in technologies can help an organization keep at the forefront of the marketplace