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CCO Technical Services

CCO's Technology Services

Architecture Planning and Design

CCO's Consultants help organizations plan and design the implementation and migration of technologies, based on years of early adopter and prior real world experience. Plans and designs not only address a specific technology, but address areas that integrate with the technology that might include security, directory integration, storage, high availability, mobile access, administration, and disaster recovery. CCO's consultants have a breadth and depth of knowledge that helps ensure a solution is not just focused on a single platform, but everything that touches and integrates with that platform.

Implementation / Migration Services

CCO's Consultants then roll their sleeves up and help organizations implement and integrate technologies together, so far beyond just the theoretical planning and talking about implementation, but actually making it work. Because CCO's consultants actually touch the technologies, when they plan and design solutions, they know firsthand what works, what doesn't work, tips and tricks to ensure a plan results in a successful implementation.

Integration Hybrid / On-Premise / Cloud

In today's day and age, solutions are not solely datacenter and on-premise based, but also take into account the option of solutions and integration to components that are cloud-based as well as a hybrid on-prem/cloud configuration. CCO has expertise not only with datacenter and traditional on-premise systems, but also has been working and is extremely familiar with cloud-based services. This cross-knowledge helps to ensure that implementations that involve mixed environments are not new to CCO's experts.

Problem Solving / Debugging

Many times organizations call in CCO because of an existing problem that needs to be resolved, or in even the best of migration and implementation projects, something doesn't work and needs to be debugged. It is important to not only have someone who understands how to implement and integrate something, but someone who has the skill to do problem solving and debugging. CCO's hones in on this skill in its consultants so that hours, days, weeks aren't spend with someone scratching their head wondering why something isn't working (on the clock of the client...)

Staff Augmentation

CCO also provides consultants on a weekly, monthly, annual basis in staff supplement and staff augementation arrangements, whether it is backfilling for an employee that might be out on vacation for a week or two, to backfilling for an employee that might be out on maternity/paternity leave, to filling a position that the organization has not or does not plan to fill with a full time employee. Because CCO's consultants are hands-on knowledgeable with technologies plus CCO has a bench of skilled consultants available to provide staff augmentation services, our clients can swap out resources as the organization needs to fulfill on projects and processes that might require someone of different skillsets at different times of a project.

CCO's Unique Advantage in Technology Services

Early Adopter / Insider Information

CCO has a unique relationship with industry vendors to gain access to products and cloud services months even years before the public release of the solutions. CCO's consultants get to work with the technologies far before documentation or guidance is available, as such, the consultants have to get "creative" to understand how to make the products work, and more importantly how to apply the new technologies to improve business processes. When the products do become available, CCO's consultants have already had months/years of hands-on experience and already know what works, what doesn't work, how the solution addresses business needs, and now to integrate the solutions into other common datacenter and cloud environments.

Consultants Literally Wrote the Book on the Technology

Having worked with technologies months/years before the products release, the consultants write books (currently over 50 international bestselling books (120, 700, 1500 pages in length) on the products. The books cover tips, tricks, best practices, and lessons learned in the early adopter experiences. So in addition to using the technologies, the consultants have to be good at explaining in simple English what the technology is, how it works, and how organizations can apply the technologies to solve core business needs.

On-Premise Datacenter, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud Expertise

The technology world extends beyond the traditional on-premise datacenter to include the Private Cloud (a datacenter hosted by an organization) and also the Public Cloud (a public datacenter like Microsoft Azure or Amazon). Technology environments also include cloud services like Box, Salesforce, Workday, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft Office 365, and the like, as such, CCO's expertise spans not only traditional datacenters and the technologies within those datacenters, but also cloud-based solutions as well!

No Product Affiliation or Conflict of Interest

Unlike many organizations that sell products and software licenses, CCO's primary business is focused around solely consulting services. CCO has no incentive to "sell" a product or recommend a solution in anticipation of a profit margin or kickback from a vendor. As such, CCO's consultants work with competing solutions and recommend technologies that are best suited for an organization, and NOT based on how much profit margin the organization could make from selling one product over another, the way Consulting should be!

Broad Range of Knowledge and Experience

CCO makes it a point that its consultants are experts across a wide range of technologies and services so that it doesn't take a room full of consultants to help a client with their needs. Of course there are specialists that get very DEEP on technologies when the requirements dictate a specific expertise. However by having consultants that can setup Single Sign-on Identity, work hands-on with existing on-premise email systems and document management systems, setup migration connectors, migrate content, setup security policies and profiles, configure mobile phones, tablets, Windows and Mac systems, etc, it makes an engagement more efficient. Fewer hand-offs between components of a project, fewer swap out of consultants, less chance for things slipping through the cracks. CCO understands the importance of this continuity of expert consultants but the expectation to not water down the skills to have a bunch of "generalist", as such, CCO drives its consultants to be deep technical experts across multiple disciplines to be of the utmost value to our clients in their services needs!

Consultants are Multi-Platform Experienced

In addition to being experts across various disciplines (security, identity, email, documents, policies, servers, cloud), CCO also drives its consultants to have expertise across multiple platforms. So a consultant understands Microsoft and Google, Windows and Mac, iPads and Android, Cisco and Lync, VMware and HyperV, Amazon and Azure, NetApp and EMC, etc. CCO understands its clients have multiple platforms within their environments, and as such, having expertise in various platforms ensures the consultant can be available to assist our clients in ALL of their enteprise needs!

Experience! Understanding the Fundamentals

Being in business for a better part of three decades, CCO consultants have 10+ years of experience and leverage their knowledge of fundamental operations of TCP/IP communications, SMTP email transport, telco phone systems, underlying Exchange database architecture, SQL database queries, storage sector sizing, TCP Chimneys, bit and block transfers, and like to solve day to day I.T. challenges. Far too often, consultants who grew up in the era of "installation wizards", "GUI menus", and "pre-configured template images" have no idea what to do when something doesn't work. It's our experience and the knowledge we share across CCO's consultants and our clients that can solve complex problems in minutes that organizations or other consultants have spend days/weeks on "tech support" trying to figure out a solution. CCO's consultants can drop to a Command Prompt, PowerShell Prompt, review SysLogs, and the like and get deep into the fundamentals to determine what's communicating with what, when, and how to isolate problems and debug challenging situations.

Debugging Experience to Solve Problems as the Arise

Problem solving and Debugging is an art that many consultants have lost or not developed. As noted about leveraging the knowledge of our experience, it's also taking a problem, gathering up information, identifying multiple paths and anticipated results, and then working through the issue not always expecting to find the answer, but to confirm that an expected result does or does not occur as expected. Too many consulants think of only ONE solution and try it, and are stumped when that solution doesn't solve their problem. By taking the age old debugging and problem solving process of multiple options, that are then attempted logically one at a time, assess the results, and then determine the next of the list of solutions to try, a debugger can come to a resolution or at worst have a list of known attempts and results that can narrow their problem solving down and ultimately derive of a solution.

CCO has remained in business for over 25-years as a TOP consulting partner to customers for decades, named Microsoft's Global Partner of the Year (2014, 2011, 2007), is repeatedly called upon by clients even as they move from one job to another, because CCO believes in the fundamentals of expert services, quality services, knowledgeable consultants, with breadth and depth of experiences, and a business culture that strives for continuing to be of value year in and year out for our clients!!!

Common Services

The following is a sampling of the type of services that CCO provides to its clients:

Rand Morimoto

Office 365 Migrations

Cloud migration readiness, planning, and migration of email systems, Web Conferencing, document sharing, and collaboration to the Cloud

On-Premise Cloud

Integration On-premise Datacenters to the Cloud

Planning, capacity analysis, and hands-on migration of on-premise services and applications to cloud-based hosted environments

SSO Identity

Single Sign-on / Identity Management

Preparing and hands-on implementation of single sign-on solutions from Okta, Ping, OneLogin, Microsoft FIM, ADFS, and the like


SharePoint Customization

Business Analysis, implementation, integration of Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, and other tools for content management, collaboration, and enterprise communications

Mac Integration

Integrating Apple Macs

CCO helps orgs integrate Apple Macs into their existing Microsoft-based environment for email, file sharing, security, collaboration, and endpoint management

Systems Management

Systems Management

CCO implements and integrates enterprise management systems to help organizations update, monitor, manage, automate, and support their private and public clouds, and datacenters


Exchange Assistance

Exchange migrations, calendar corruption debugging, email archiving, eDiscovery, content management, collaboration

Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Review internal and external environments for security best practices, penetration testing, data leakage, security attack surfaces, analysis, recommendations, remediation

Skype Voice

Skype Voice

Microsoft Skype for Business services around instant messaging, Web Conferencing, video and audio conferencing, telephony/voice. Implementation, integration with existing telephony, and voice / PBX in the cloud


Enterprise Content Management

Document controls, content editing, version controls, workflows, content collaboration, synchronization with endpoint devices.

Windows Rollouts

Windows Client Rollouts

Windows imaging, App Compatibility testing, app remediation, scripted installs, local and remote installs, image deployment, global roll-out of new operating system images